Bi-Location Policy
Effective November 1, 2021
Sent out September 24, 2021

Dear Parents,

There will be a new school policy going into effect on November 1, 2021, sue to health issues and we need to make sure that you are informed.

As of November 1, 2021 we will no longer be allowing kids in our facility who split time with another daycare facility. This does not include single babysitters or nannies. Other daycare facilities bring in different germs and viruses, and when a child is at least two facilities it means that we are dealing with two facilities worth of health issues due to cross-contamination.

If there is an outbreak of an illness that gets traced back to your child and we find that you are in violation of this policy you will be charged $45 an hour for the extra time that our school nurse must put in for care, tracing and communication with parents of the other students. We will also charge you a $200 cleaning fee for the extra deep cleaning that will have to be done to our facility to take care of killing the germs/virus that was brought in from the other facility.

If you are currently in two facilities, please let us know which facility you would like to use going forward no later than October 15th, 2021. We need to have time to make sure that we have teachers in place for each extra day your child will be attending by November 1st, 2021 when this policy goes into effect, if you are choosing Saint Miriam School and Daycare.

If you choose the other facility, your last date with us will be October 31st. If you choose the other facility, then we will fill the spots for your children from our waiting list. There will not be a spot for your child to return should you change your mind.

Please keep in mind that this policy is being put into effect for the health and well being of every child within the walls of Saint Miriam School and Daycare. Thank you for your time and attention in dealing with this issue.

God Bless,

Brother Sean Hall, Director
Sarah Ingalls-Howard, Assistant Director

To view or print out the PDF of this document, please click here.

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