Sarah Ingalls-Howard joins Saint Miriam as a Candidate for Ordination and as Assistant Director for the Saint Miriam School. Sarah began participating in church at six years old as an acolyte and in the youth choir. She has been in every position possible as a church member from Altar Guild to Vestry to Diocesan representative. At the age of Twelve Sarah got my first paying job in the church as a Sexton. She has been in every paid position on a local level from choir director to parish administrator to pastor. Sarah has worked in a Christian school as teacher, treasurer, and administrator. When she was 9 years old, she managed to talk her way into her first mission to the Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, on the understanding that there would be no leeway for her age. Sarah loves missions and has been both participant and leader over the years. Later, Sarah went to Israel for the first time in1998 and studied at Saint George’s College in Jerusalem and has been back to the Holy Land several times since. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and Master’s in Divinity from Newburgh Theological Seminary. She believes her call to the ministry came at the age of 12 and she has always striven to follow the path God lays before her. Sarah’s husband Justin is a Police Detective in Baltimore and together they have two daughters, Geneva is 19, her artist, and Sophia who is 17 her scientist. Her parents are Mother Meg and Father Brad, both Episcopal priests! Sarah looks forward to working with us at Saint Miriam and is a candidate scheduled for ordination in the Spring of 2022.