For any possible contact tracing and reduce risks of infections we will be practicing the following:

  • No visitors
  • Limited Volunteers
  • Health and Temp checks
  • Label All Things and Keep Separate
  • Bathroom Rotations and Staggered Use
  • Increased Outdoor Activities
  • Staggered Playground Use; then Clean In Between Groups
  • Pre-packaged and Bag Lunch Options only until Fall
  • Morning Washing Routine
  • Desks placed 6-8 feet apart
  • Staff will wear “Funny Masks” for Kids
  • Staggered Start and Pick up Schedules
  • Increased Sanitizing Routines and Schedules
  • No Shared Spaces
  • No Outside Vendors, Groups, etc.
  • Families and Children Will Have Access to Crisis Trauma and Counseling

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