Updated May 27, 2020

COVID-19 Saint Miriam School Reopening Policy – Students

Eligibility to Return

  • Students must be in good health
    • All children must be Fever free (a temp no higher than 100.4), have no respiratory symptoms, or sore throat for the 7 days prior to returning to school
    • All children must be up to date on all vaccines
      • Should a child receive a booster or regularly scheduled vaccine please bring copy to school after receiving vaccine


  • Parents will check child in using KidCheck App on their phones and complete the check-in upon arrival at the Administration door
  • A Staggered Entry and Welcome Procedure is in place; please See schedule posted
  • All needed personal items MUST be in a clear zip-lock freezer size bag with name of child printed on exterior
  • No car seats are allowed in the building under any circumstances
  • Parents will bring child to Admin Door where Staff Member will greet child and take temperature with no-contact temporal thermometers
    • Parents must wear a mask when dropping off a child
    • Gloves are NOT permitted except for those staff as required
    • Staff will wear proper PPE to perform temperature check (disposable gloves & cloth mask)
    • Should a child have a temperature of 100.4 of higher, child will be not be permitted in school and will be sent home to quarantine
      • Child may return when they are symptom free for 7 days with a Doctor’s note
      • Should a parent need to enter building they will be allowed as far as the check-in room
    • If a parent needs to enter the building for any reason; no parent is allowed past check-in room or half door or into any classroom
    • No siblings or other family members are allowed to enter building to assist in drop-off


  • Parents will use KidCheck App on their phones to indicate that there child has been picked up
  • A staggered Entry and Pickup Procedure is in place; please see schedule posted
  • Parents will ring doorbell, and staff member will greet them
    • Staff will retrieve child from classroom, assist with packing child up and escorting child to door where parent will wait
    • Parents must wear masks at pickup time. Gloves are not permitted.
  • Siblings are not allowed to enter building to assist in pickup
  • If line of parents forms during peak pickup times please leave at least six feet space between parents
  • No outside food, containers, sip cups are permitted to prevent cross-contamination; Pre-made box lunches will be provided at a reduced cost ($2.50 daily)

Sending a Child Home Early

  • Child will not be permitted to enter school if initial temperature check is 100.4 or higher during check in
  • If a child develops symptoms during the school day they are subject to being sent home for quarantining
    • Symptoms include:
      • Cough
      • Runny Nose
      • Sore Throat
      • Fever (100.4 or higher)
      • Increased fussiness or irritability
      • Inconsolable crying
  • Child identified with any symptoms will be removed from classroom to the Library for isolation until pick up can be achieved
    • Other children will be relocated to another classroom to permit cleaning
      • Temperatures of all other children will be rechecked and documented
    • Staff will do an initial cleaning of all toys, and hard surfaces
    • Staff will open windows for circulation
    • Admin will notify cleaning crew and inform of classroom(s) and Library with potentially sick child and thorough cleaning will be completed that evening following CFOC (Caring for our Children) Guidelines.

Additional Guidelines

  • Staff handling infants will not handle food preparation or lunches
  • Lunches will be pre-made and distributed to students during lunch hour; no additional food preparation will be permitted until fall “green” code occurs by Governor’s Office

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