From the creators of the Saint Miriam School, the region’s only award-winning S.T.E.A.M.M. school for children infant through Kindergarten, comes a way for parents to support their child’s learning this year and still remain employed.

Welcome to Virtual Learning Pointe at Saint Miriam, a safe place for virtual online learning in a secure school for parents!

Virtual Learning Pointe at Saint Miriam is designed to support eLearning for students K (An in-person class set up to allow for appropriate learning of this age group with guidance including academics, physical development, socialization, task and emotional development.), and 1st to 6th grade (to allow for Virtual Lessons from their own school district). Qualified/screened proctors available to assist students in a facility that is RAVE certified insuring the safety of all. COVID response protocols require all students/staff wear masks, have temperature regularly taken throughout the day, socially distance and workstations sanitized between uses. Kindergarten students at Learning Pointe will have a space designated for K-only. Students grades 1 to 6 at Learning Pointe at Saint Miriam will have access to two large indoor areas: one designed to support on-line learning, the other to support socialization and enrichment activities. Our 12-acre campus has ample outdoor space for exploring and exercise in addition to two age appropriate playgrounds is available to all students throughout the day. Extended day option from 1PM to 5PM available and REQUIRES SEPARATE REGISTRATION.

We are:

  • Open to ages Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • The area’s only RAVE facility insuring safety and security for all age groups
  •  eLearning Center with Wifi
  • On-site qualified Educator to Proctor and Assist in Learning
  • Lunch Facilities
  • Outdoor Activities and Safe Spaces
  • Crafts and Project Area
  • Provide enrichment activities
  • Provide individualized instruction when needed
  • Encourage social interaction through group activities and guided play
  • Extended day also available

Pricing & Enrollment:

  • Part-Day/AM (from 8AM to 1PM) is $60.00 daily.
  • Extended Day PM/Enrichment is (1PM to 5PM) $32.00 daily.
  • Enrollment is required weekly and a family can choose any number of days per week.

Click here to register today!

Note: This is a program offered by Saint Miriam Parish & Friary that utilizes the Saint Miriam School Facilities. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us here.

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