Girls playing on a slide together having fun at the Saint Miriam School.

Do you need to be Catholic to attend our school? The short answer is No!

While Saint Miriam School is owned and operated by Saint Miriam Parish & Friary, a Franciscan Old Catholic Parish, we open our doors and our hearts to every child, regardless of denominational affiliation, or no religious background whatsoever. We welcome everyone, and that welcome extends to all families of every persuasion and religious tradition or spirituality. While we do offer religious observances throughout the year, attendance is requested, but participation if never mandated. We find that at this age, the teaching of how to act within a religious environment, and the differences between religious and profane/secular spaces, is a life lesson that every child needs, regardless of their own belief systems. As they navigate our pluralistic world, they will encounter moments where this knowledge and comfort level will be ideal and lessen their fear by actually helping them to interact with others in their lives. The loss of a classmate or a friend’s parent or sibling, or a national tragedy will all require that they are, at a minimum, able to navigate the complex world of religious thought, space, and tradition. We welcome everyone and we will always endeavor to extend that welcome to all children and families without regard to their affirming our religious traditions.