Very happy young boy laughing and clapping at the Saint Miriam School.

Our Toddlers and Beginners are growing and learning quickly – all at their own unique pace. Using developmentally appropriate practices our teachers will be presenting activities that are neither too hard or easy. The goal is to present activities that our toddlers and beginners can have fun with and can do with a little help so they increase their skills and their confidence.

Students are offered many ways to be active supporting their physical development both inside and outside the building. Activities are incorporated into the day for exercise like climbing, jumping and dancing. To develop those smaller muscles you’ll often find our toddlers and beginners stacking, scribbling and painting. Social and emotional skills are supported by having children exposed to opportunities to explore and try things for themselves. Children are consistently encouraged by teachers to express their feelings in healthy, positive ways. Preverbal children are so anxious to express themselves and our teachers will spend a lot of time reading books with simple stories, songs, rhymes and repeating patterns to assist with language development. Learning how to make sense of the world around them is so important at this age. Classrooms are set up with stations and work areas helping our toddlers and beginners learn how to sort, solve puzzles, take things apart and then fit them back together and more.

The relationship between our teachers and students and families is critical to the child’s success. You will receive daily updates on your child’s day through the parent app – updates include pics and videos as well as a summary of daily activities.

Toddler/Beginner Checklist!

When preparing for the first day of class please LABEL ALL ITEMS and bring along:

  • Label and Date all Bottles or Sippy Cups and Food
  • One full pack of diapers or pull-ups as necessary
  • Wipes
  • Creams, lotions as needed
  • Backpack (optional)
  • Pack of washable Crayola crayons
  • Crayola watercolor pallet (basic 8 color count)
  • School glue sticks (3)
  • Box of tissues
  • Pack of baby wipes for the classroom
  • Box of gallon sized zip log bags
  • 3 changes of seasonal clothing (socks, underwear, tops and bottoms)
  • Light weight jacket or sweater
  • Pack-n-play crib sheets (Toddlers)
  • Sleeping bag/mat (Beginners)
  • Lunch, AM and PM Snacks (daily) – lunches are available for purchase

Optional but much appreciated items

  • Large/sharing sized packages of classroom friendly snacks: Goldfish, Graham crackers, Pretzels, Nutri-Grain bars, Granola bars, Pirate’s Booty
  • Clorox wipes
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Baby wipes for the room
  • Tissues, paper towels or toilet paper