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Saint Miriam Daycare, Preschool and Kindergarten is open to children beginning at 3 months through Kindergarten. For the parents of students who will be away from home for the first time you can feel assured that our staff and teachers will stay in close contact with you and support you in that transition.

Contact us make an appointment to visit our school and meet our staff at 215-836-9800 x1002

Enrollment Process:

Enrollment is on going throughout the school year so long as space is available. Contact us as early as possible to arrange a tour and begin the application and registration process.

Click here to read our important Bi Location Policy Update as of October 2021

Enrollment Priority and Discounts:

Saint Miriam, being a community oriented organization, as well as a community with a strong outreach is pleased to offer the following discounts and scholarship opportunities. These opportunities are to continue our life of service to the community by making the finest of childcare available to everyone. However, these discounts directly effect revenue streams and budgets and improvement capabilities as well as expansion and are reimbursed by the parish. Therefore, we have guidelines that must be followed as outlined below.


Siblings of children enrolled with us will get a 10% discount. Contact the Director for more information.

Military, Medical, and First Responders:

All military, first responders, frontline workers and those serving in the medical field may receive a minimum of a 15% discount off of all tuition and fees associated with being a member of our school system. Contact the Director for more information.


All registered Parishioners of Saint Miriam Parish who are regular in their attendance (defined in 2022/2023 as a minimum of 4 x a year attendance and 1 major event such as a concert or fundraising event or social occasion) AND Who maintain a monthly giving of at least $100 ($25/weekly) or more are entitled to a 30% discount off of all tuition and fees associated with being a member of our school system. **This giving MUST be electronic and regular AND if the giving ends for any reason, or is terminated at the end of the child’s enrollment during any Annual Appeal Period (12 months) the tuition offset by this generous discount will be reversed and invoiced back to the family. Contact the Director for more information.

Friends & Family:

All persons who are known to our pastor, or our primary administration team, at both our school or our parish, and who receive their written endorsement, are entitled to a minimum of a 20% discount off of all tuition and fees associated with being a member of our school system. Contact the Director for more information.


All persons who wish to attend Saint Miriam School, BUT are unable to enroll because of their current financial or housing situation, should apply for a scholarship based on need and circumstances. Scholarships are available, depending on individual evaluation, for up to 100% of our tuition rate. Applications MUST be submitted and revised by the Director, a Review Committee from the Board, and then signed off by our Pastor. These scholarships are for 1 enrollment period at a time and MUST be renewed thereafter.

Waitlist Policy

At Saint Miriam – the region’s only Franciscan STEAMM school- we have experienced unprecedented growth, as well as our continually updated improvements on keeping our facilities and educational environment up-to-date and challenging.

We have also expanded our educational opportunities based upon community need. This has also created a waitlist and many of our coveted classrooms. To accommodate this waitlist need, we have developed a simple policy to be fair to all families seeking enrollment. One of the most important things you can do is to start looking for daycare and preschool opportunities as soon as possible!

A Note on Infants:

Due to licensing ratios, infant care classrooms openings are especially hard to find, so you should get on a waiting list right away! We recently added two additional care rooms and they currently already have an extensive waitlist. Don’t wait for your baby to be born before you start looking for care.

Our Waitlist – General:

Requesting a full-time opening will help you obtain a spot sooner. Our general waitlist is first-come-first served rotational. In other words, everyone is added to a general waitlist dated by your registration and inquiry and when there is availability for a particular desired classroom, we will reach out to the list in order of applications. There is no guaranteed enrollment until you are contacted and informed of the opening, and then you will have the ability to accept that opening or pass until the next opening occurs.

Our Waitlist- Guaranteed:

To guarantee a desired start date we request a deposit of one month tuition for the desired classroom with a predetermined start date at which time regular tuition is due. We will coordinate a start date with you and your child. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable.

Age Cut-Off Date is September 1

Itty-Bittys – 3 to 12 months

Toddlers – 1 year olds

Beginners – 2 year olds

PreK3 – 3 years old and fully potty trained

PreK4 – 4 years old – this program requires full-day enrollment; 5 days a week.

Kindergarten – 5 years old – this program requires full-day enrollment; 5 days a week.

Weekly & Daily Schedules:

1. Weekly schedule options for all age groups (Itty-Bittys through Pre-K3) are:

a. Five days per week
b. Three days per week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
c. Two days per week (Tuesday & Thursday)

2. Students enrolled in the PreK4 and Saint Miriam School Accredited Kindergarten program must enroll five full-days per week.

3. Daily schedule is as follows for all students:

a. Full-Day is 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (May arrive at 8:50AM)
b. Part-Day/AM is 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
c. Early Drop-Off is available from 7:30 a.m. to 8:50 a.m
d. Extended Day is available from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Unless enrolled in Extended Day all children must be picked-up at 3:00PM)


Daycare rates are based on 12-month payments

Itty Bittys & Movers & Shakers

Monthly CostNumber of DaysCost Per Diem
5 Days – Part Time$88820$44
5 Days – Full Time$1,77720$89
4 Days – Part Time$81716$51
4 Days – Full Time$1,47516$92
3 Days – Part Time$69312$58
3 Days – Full Time$1,14512$60
2 Days – Part Time$4808$100
2 Days – Full Time$8008$100

Toddlers & Beginners

Monthly CostNumber of DaysCost Per Diem
5 Days – Part Time$73320$39
5 Days – Full Time$1,54620$77
4 Days – Part Time$69916$44
4 Days – Full Time$1,32716$83
3 Days – Part Time$58412$49
3 Days – Full Time$1,06312$89
2 Days – Part Time$4298$57
2 Days – Full Time$7148$89

Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 rates are based on 10 monthly installments September through June. A flexible 9 week summer camp program is available.


Monthly CostCost Per Diem
5 Days – Part Time$718$36
5 Days – Full Time$1,437$72
4 Days – Part Time$659$41
4 Days – Full Time$1,251$78


Monthly Cost
5 Days – Full Time$1,340


Friends & Family10%
Sibling10% off the second child. Largest discount comes off of the rate of the oldest child.

Additional Fees

New Registration Fee$100
Re-Registration Fee$50
Yearly Activity Fee $100 per child