For well over a decade, Saint Miriam Parish and Friary has been a progressive and welcoming voice to the community. We espouse ideals that are common to every language and religious tradition, while holding on to our Catholic traditions, but never at the expense of harming or unwelcoming another!

As a Franciscan Parish, Saint Miriam has a strong community foundation based in direct outreach. Our parish is home to AA, Recovery, Inc. and AA General Services. We also provide a home to Boy Scout Troop #320. Our Blessing Bag Outreach serves those currently experiencing homelessness, and includes our add-on care bags for pets (Pets with People) and women (Just for Girls. Period.). Our CarSafe Program provides a safe, overnight parking space as well as immediate needs assistance and referrals to direct transitional providers in the area, our Sacred Space Program celebrates Mass at local parks within the City of Philadelphia and offers immediate food assurances, and our Mission Parish in Dover, Delaware offers a place of welcome to those within the Northern Delaware region. Finally, we currently support Laurel House, providing hotline and emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence. We are opening a “Dinner, Church” in the Kensington area of Philadelphia in the Fall of 2019, and our own campus will be home soon to a cooperative venture to assist those in need of longer term transitional housing.

As party of our ministry, we maintain a strong tie to Saint Miriam School and we actually budget within the parish annual report to sustain and grow the school in order to allow all children a quality private education regardless of their ability to pay for such a service.

Saint Miriam is committed to restoring human dignity wherever possible, as we believe the work of the church begins at the dismissal!

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