Saint Miriam School makes a quality, private education a reality for as many children as possible.

Our school, the only Franciscan S.T.E.A.M.M. in the region, provides a nurturing and caring academic STEM environment for students in from Infant to PreK-4, encompassing our progressive Catholic values rooted in the Franciscan tradition and providing a solid educational foundation for their future. Since its founding, it has been the goal of our school to make the benefits of a quality education available to as many students and families as possible.  We also provide full scholarships to those who are otherwise unable to afford a private education, including the children of those experiencing homelessness, as well as partial scholarships to those in temporary or transitional need. Through the creation of our Scholarship Fund, the opportunity to reach out and help even more families be able to enjoy the benefits of a Franciscan S.T.E.M. education.

We are committed to being able to serve those in our parish, and in the larger community, who are seeking an education in our Catholic Environment. To meet this commitment, your generous gift will help make a difference in the lives of students at Saint Miriam School, and, together, we will provide a strong academic foundation, develop compassionate life-long learners, and incorporate faith into their education as we bring them closer to God. Thank you for your generosity and support; you are making the mission of Saint Miriam School come true!

Cost of a full scholarship to SMS ranges from $3,100 – $17,540, but any amount you donate will help us meet our goal of making our school available to as many children as possible! As a recognized 501 c 3, your donations are fully deductible as allowed by law, so your generosity helps you, too! Join us in our mission to care for those in need!

We appreciate your support! To make a  donation, please click on the link below: