In our Pre-K Program at Saint Miriam, our students experience project-based learning through various science experiments with real world exploration. Along with art projects, our children actively learn, comprehend, and then express themselves as to what they have learned. When you leave Pre-K, your child will be able to read sight words and correctly place them in sentences. They will know how to write their first and last names using upper and lower-case letters. Lastly, but just as important, they will be able to do simple math problems and write their numbers from 1-20 and word and numerical forms. Kindergarten will be excited to have them the following September!

Pre-K Checklist!

  • Label everything please
  • Standard sheet for napping
  • Sweatpants/shorts & sneakers for yoga and gym time
  • Towel for yoga mat
  • Extra set of clothing (in case of potty accident)
  • Disposable lunch packaging in alignment with Green Phase COVID protocol
  • Tote bag or backpack
  • Family photo