Saint Miriam Parish and School is a designated and registered RAVE Facility and the ONLY RAVE Educational institution in the area! To increase our security and care for all of you, we have become a RAVE Facility with state-of-the-art technology! Emergencies occurring on religious, school, healthcare, and other commercial campuses present first responders with unique challenges, which can impact their ability to provide assistance. These facilities can be difficult to access, but as a RAVE Facility, we are taking an active role in protecting our parishioners, employees, students, guests, and property by providing digital information about our facilities that you want 9-1-1 and first responders to know, ahead of any emergency.

We have enhanced WIFI capability campus-wide that allows for Smart 911 technology that allows for texting to 911 operators, security cameras located through out the campus, designated entry-only doors with magnetic locks, panic buttons in every classroom and playroom, as well as RAVE Apps on every teacher’s smart device. Saint Miriam School, while attached to the parish, is a locked and safe school during normal school hours.

We also have a KidsSafe designated liaison between the parish and the school. This person interacts with the school administration to ensure all children are protected. Further, we background check all staff and chaperone all outside visiting vendors. All full-time staff are background checked at hire Federally, State, and Child Abuse and the process is repeated every two years regardless of status or change. Any allegations of neglect or harm goes through an immediate and predesignated process for investigation. We are proud that no child has ever been harmed under our watch and we continue to strive to ensure that our environment is safe and secure for all participants!

We take security seriously in today’s climate and we are pleased to invest heavily in technology to make our world safer at Saint Miriam.

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