Zion-Balloons2The Saint Miriam School truly an amazing place for any child to grow and learn.  The teachers are like family and treat every child like they are the most important person in the world!  The children learn how to respect and share with others and to be kind and loving.  The Saint Miriam School is a special place that will always be in our heart, and we will never forget the time we spent there.

– Page C.

Knowing my son is going to someplace where he will be loved and cared for as well as taught so many new things has been fabulous. The Saint Miriam School is like a second home, and my son gets to learn and grow with patience and kindness!! I cannot thank the wonderful teachers and staff enough for all they do to make Saint Miriam School such a lovely place for the children!

– Michelle G.

We have been nothing but pleased with the Saint Miriam School and Camp.  Our daughter loves her teachers, creates fun art projects, and has really blossomed behaviorally and socially.  We are very grateful to the Zion community for everything they have done for our family.

– Rachel P.

Malcolm says…”It’s a great place and sometimes we play”….that pretty much sums it up.

– Joni H.

The Saint Miriam School is a small, close-knit community that has become a home away from home for my daughter.  The teachers and staff are very loving which makes the school a nice fit for all types of toddler personalities.  It is a wonderful place for kids to learn how to build friendships and begin to sew the seeds of learning they will use in K through 12.

– Kristen F.