We have always tried to place our staff first, even when we disagree. That is why Saint Miriam was the first school to raise its minimum wage to a livable $15. Then, we did the unthinkable! We took it to $18! Now we plan to once again to reorganize our space and facilities to meet the needs of the community we serve to be the leader again!

Saint Miriam School will…

  1. We will raise our minimum wage to $20 per hour by the fall term for all team members after their 90 day probation period.
  2. We will give every tenured employee with children enrolled at Saint Miriam FREE tuition!
  3. We will EXPAND our facilities once again and are proud to introduce Itty Bitty IV! Our newest infant care classroom!

And we will do all of this without increasing our tuition to parents!

Plan a visit to our school soon, enroll for Spring 2023 and receive a FREE gift and the BEST education for your children in the region’s only Franciscan STEAMM School! Contact us here or call 215-836-9800.

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